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CFO of scientific organization
Business Unit Controller
Director Control flooring industry
Project manager implementation
  Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)
Consultancy Energy market
Prepare company for sale
Restructuring company for expanding
Hive off activities in a separate company
Redefine business processes
Restructuring organisation
  and find new funding

Effective and efficiency in
  Healthcare organisation

Project Manager Rental Power project
Director Business Unit International Projects Power Rental Company

Redefine business processes
After appointing the new leadership, the new CEO and COO worked on a plan to build a new company. The plan was to sort out the existing problems and come to define the new business processes. The assignment of AG Business Development was to initiate actions to solve the outstanding points of the Management Letter from the external auditor. After this, the management information was redefined and the format of the individual reports where discussed with management and produced. A new costprice model project was started and implemented. An analysis is made of the current, internal developed, ERP system. As last product, investment model is made to support make or buy decesionmaking of management.
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